Wednesday, January 26, 2005

General Malaise

The past few days have kind of sucked. I am sorry I haven't updated but I have been in a generally foul mood. Today was better though. I woke up in a better mood and dropped off my volunteer application at the Idaho State Historical Society. I am hopefully going to be put to work in the archives and library portion of the society. I am a good researcher and have always found the act of research a calming one. We will see how this goes. If anything, it will be a positive inclusion for my resume.

I am also kind of looking forward to work today. We got a new person in the department and she is closing the store with me tonight. I have never met her before so I am looking forward to at least working with someone new. Hopefully, she doesn't suck.

I have also been working on two different computer setups for people over the past weekend. Basically, I have installed Windows XP on three systems in as many days. Fun. The one thing I will give to XP is the fact that it is a breeze to setup and get everything running. Anywho, I think I am going to play some video games now and relax a little.


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