Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Back to The Gym and Other Self-Improvement News

I went back to the gym tonight after taking a few weeks off for Christmas. Yes, it is a lousy excuse but....well...yeah, it is just a lousy excuse. Anywho, this time around I think I am going to focus more on cardio (running, rowing, biking,etc.) instead of weight lifting. Cardio will burn more weight and build up endurance, both of these things are a plus. With the weights, I was pressing myself too hard and not getting much of anywhere. Toward the end of my last workout spree in December, I actually blacked out. Oops. My mind is much stronger than the body it occupies and I can force myself to do things I should not do physically. I need to learn to curb that.

In other news, I found a job at Micron Technology that I may apply for. I would be developing training worksops and the like for employees and management. They actually want an education degree so if it works out, I might actually get to use my degree after all. I am still trying to figure out how to structure my resume for this job. It is kind of a non-tech job in a tech business so I am unsure what the best format for me to use would be. If you have any experience with resumes please chime in, I would love advice in this area.

Jim and Keith and I are still reviewing and studying for the A+ Certification stuff. It is going pretty well. Tomorrow we will start on the fifth cd in the set of eleven. At this rate we will finish the training cds next week and will probably be studying and reviewing them for a week after that. Then I think we will be ready for the test. If I can take and pass the exam, which I am pretty confident about, we will then move on to another techie certification program. I am not sure what the next certification would be but we have a ways until I need to worry about that. I figure that if I get one or two of these under my belt in combination with my degree, it may increase the chances of me getting a better job somewhere. It can't hurt anyway.

I also found an interesting and free diet while cruising around on the net. I am going to read it a little more before I say too much on here but the first couple of chapters I have read sound pretty promising. I will post more about it later when I have ambition. For now though, I think it is bed time.


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