Wednesday, January 05, 2005

An Annoying Night at Work

Admittedly, I am not overly happy about having to go back to work and I definitely felt that way today. I was in a less-than-happy mood upon arriving to work. It did not get any better after clocking on for my shift and finding out that a ton of stuff that should have been done way before I arrived was now getting dumped on me. Everyday when new jewelery comes in we have to display it. Despite the fact that my department is the electronics one, somehow jewelery falls into our realm of knowledge. Don't ask. Either way there were 50 (yes 50) new pieces to be displayed and that job fell on me and another guy. After about two hours we got all of that stuff kicked out and were ready to go about our other daily tasks...that was until a stupid ring came up missing that we had put on display.

In order for you to understand the stupidity of my co-workers I have to explain how buying jewelery works at my job. When a customer wants a piece of jewelery, they fill out a little sheet of paper with the item's number and a brief description and take it to the checks stands. Once the person has paid for said piece of jewelery, that sheet is then taken to a manager who goes into a big locked walk-in closet where all of the sell units of our jewelery are stored, matches the number on the sheet to the box the jewelery is in, grabs it, and takes it to the member. Easy right....wrong.

The managers can never manage to keep the walk-in closet organized and end up misplacing jewelery and other items quite often. If you want a solid number I would say that about 25% of the stuff that goes in that closet ends up getting misplaces. The number is probably lower but the only time I get involved it seems is when there is a problem so I may be a tad jaded. Either way, I displayed a ring tonight that we supposedly should have had out already because our computers showed that we had one on hand before receiving today's shipment. Where was that ring? God only knows.

So, for the next hour everyone is searching for this ring and somehow it gets started that it could have possibly come in today's load and then everyone starts to wonder who stole the ring. Who's name gets mentioned, yours truly. This is the retarded part, I have keys to the jewelery case for eight hours a day and I have been at my job for almost seven years. If I wanted to take something, I think I would have done it before now.

The part that ticks me off is the comment made by one of my learning disabled managers, we will call him Rhett to protect his innocence. I am coming out of the jewelery closet and he says, "Hey man, where is the ring?" I then say, "You tell me and if you do have it you better split the cost with me?" He then replies, "Heh...split...well, your name is floating around quite a bit." What the hell is that supposed to mean? I don't like being threatened and I especially don't like taking veiled threats from a guy that can never get my name right despite the fact I wear a name tag and have worked around him for almost seven years. Oh yeah, he never looks you in the eye when he talks to you, he just stares at your chest. Idiot. How that man made management is a testiment to my company's stupidity. Later, after that comment, he was seen talking very hush hush like on his cell phone. That means he was talking to loss prevention about all of it. The funny part about that is I have caught more shoplifters than the tool that is supposed to be doing that for his job.

Anywho, we also log all of the jewelery over a certain dollar amount everynight and so I go to the log to see when the last time we carried the ring in question was. It has been at least a full week if not longer. That pretty much eliminated all of the suspicion that I stole the ring because I was on my glorious vacation then. It just drives me nuts that they were so quick to place blame and on something that happens quite regularly due to management's stupidity. The reason I get bothered by this is because they have fired employees for simply being the last seen with a certain item, regardless of proof. Beh, I need to find a new job.

On top of all of the night's entertainment, the customers were annoying cocks. Then again, when aren't the customers annoying cocks? I definitely need a new job.


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