Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Feeling A Tad Evil Lately

Lately, I have had an itch that I get from time to time and it is hard to make it go away. It used to be, I did some not so nice things on computers. In high school I was actually almost arrested for some stuff I pulled. Anywho, I have not done anything truly illegal involving computers for quite some time now; piracy does not count because that is a survival tool. I don't make bad money but my software tastes are a little spendy. That is beside the point.

When I get this itch, usually if I go wardriving and jump on some networks it satisfies the urge for a while. Yes I know, I am easily amused. So I went wardriving a little bit last night and have found that quite a few more networks have popped up but some have also gotten smart and either added encryption or stealthed themselves. The most outstanding of the places that I found that have actually gotten a clue include one private bank and a local hospital. Way to go guys, it only took you a year and a half. The part that drives me nuts is that I would make a much better sysad then those places have but I don't have the credentials. I think one of my 2005 resolutions will be to get those credentials. I don't want to be at my job much longer, despite the fact that this week was one of the best weeks I have ever had working. I think a job in the IT industry would be fun, or at the very least, a change. Jim and I are going to sit down in January and start studying for the A+ exams. That will be the first cert that I get. I like hardware repair and I do not think this test will be that difficult so I figured it would be a good start.

As for my itch, I think I will probably go out again this weekend and try out a few things I have been wanting to play with a little bit. I will post more on this if something interesting pops up.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger TPL - Huntress said...

That's great! I'm going to try to learn Perl this winter break. Which reminds me, I need to use your X-Box all the time when I'm in town. I'll be arriving on the 22nd, in which you should pick me up, and leaving on the 30th. I insist we have Halo 2 party on my birthday.

Dammit! Get to work!


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