Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day After

Yesterday was a mixed bag. This being Mushi and I's first Christmas as a married couple was just kind of odd. First off, we had to make each others stockings. This normally isn't that odd of a thing except that our moms both respectively usually do that job. After we got up...which was at 6:30am...ugh...we opened our presents to each other. Mushi got me the 5th season of the Simpsons and a cool shirt and some other stuff. I got Mushi a 1000 channel, dual trunking, police scanner. Nothing says love like a police scanner.

After opening our gifts we then ventured out into the cold (but not snowy) outdoors to go see my parents. Their big thing to us this year was a five megapixel Kodak digital camera and an HP Photosmart printer. Woohoo! We have needed a camera and now we have one. So far the Kodak has been a very good little camera for us. Now I need to get the bigger memory card. I also got some Polo Blue cologne. Good smelling stuff.

After opening our gifts from them, we again ventured out into the cold snowless world to go see Mushi's parents. Starting to see a pattern yet? They got us a badass KitchenAid mixer. I love this mixer. It is one of those things where now we have a mixer and will probably never need another one due to its quality. This mixer puts the mix in mixer. Now my cookies will be whipped into a smooth dough before cooking.

Ode to the KitchenAid Mixer in haiku form:

Chrome color that I love
With your huge bowl to mix dough
Kitchen is complete.

Ok sorry, I had to do that.

The rest of our day was spent going to see a couple of movies and in a general daze. My body does not dig it when I get up that early, especially on 4.5 hours of sleep. I took a lot of naps yesterday. Overall, it was a good day but a weird one. It just did not seem like Christmas for some reason. The Christmas eve service that we went to night before last did not help either. Usually, Christmas services are upbeat and fun but the guy that did this sermon was all about talking about the negative stuff in life and it was pretty depressing. I am not a big fan of fire and brimstone services.
Mushi and I are looking at this Christmas kind of as a test run for future Christmas's. Or would it be Christmasi...dunno. Anywho, this was a good Christmas just in a bunch of different ways. Thanks to all who gave us cool gifts and I hoped you guys liked all of your gifts as well. Now I am going to go snag Half Life 2.


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