Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Christmas Machine

Mushi and I's house is in full Christmas mode now. Mushi usually doesn't get all domestic, but she has been making cookies all day for our little gift baskets we are giving people this year. Earlier, she had me run a bunch of errands that were located in the vicinity of the mall. You can probably guess how much fun driving around there was. Surprisingly, most people were very courteous and I only wanted to kill one or two people during the entire shopping mission.

I am guessing that by this time next year, Mushi and I will be in a different house. This house for all of its cuteness and charm is just too friggin' small. Our version of decorating for Christmas, is letting Christmas take over our house; not willingly mind you but we just don't have the room to put up decorations or even a Christmas tree without sacrificing a lot of space in our already limited-for-room house. I love this place but bigger will be better in this circumstance.

In other yule tide news, it is official, I am done shopping for Christmas gifts. Mushi, Parents, Brother, In-Laws, Pets, everyone is taken care of. Thank goodness. I am also now on vacation as of today. I am going to do a whole lot of nothing for a good portion of it and that is good.

Earlier today I took my mom to an Indian restaurant for lunch. That was a ton of fun! My buddy Tony went with us and upon arriving at the place, I found that my other friend Dylan had the same idea with his mom and cousin so we all sat down and had lunch together. Very fun and very yummy curry....ahh...curry.

Now I am going to relax and play some City of Heroes. See ya later!


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