Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Brown Snot Baking

I had today off so I got all domesticated and decided that in honor of St. Nicholas day I would make gingerbread cookies. Legend has it that St. Nicholas gave gingerbread cookies out to all the boys and girls he ran into. So anyways, I make the dough and stuff it into the fridge like it says to and I let it chill in there for a little more than two hours. After it had sat a bit, I took it out and opened the lid to find that the dough had still not set up properly. Back into the fridge. After another hour, it still looked odd so I let it chill while I went to see the Incredibles again. Good movie, check it out if you have some free time and cash.

After the movie, I come home and the dough still does not have the right consistancy but I want gingerbread cookies so I heat up the oven, drop some batter onto the baking tin, and cram it in the oven for about ten minutes. Upon taking them out of the oven, it became blatantly obvious that somewhere along the line I messed up. The mass that was melded to the cooking tin was more like brown snot that someone had heated to 350 degrees than my beloved gingerbread cookies.

I then thought to myself that perhaps these were someone's half-assed attempt at gingersnaps so in keeping with the brittle idea, I take the tin of brown snot out into the brisk night air for a bit to cool it quickly. This worked a little but not very well. The bottom line, either I messed the recipe up somehow or the recipe was not that great to begin with. I am guessing the prior but I do not know what I did wrong, I followed the instructions to the letter for once. Those that have seen me cook know that this is somewhat of a rarity. I have a pretty good nose and sense of taste when it comes to cooking so I end up winging it a lot of the time when I make stuff. Usually, it turns out pretty good...usually...I have had my blunders. But anyways, I want gingerbread and I can not have it. The brown snot does not taste too bad but getting it off the tin is a pain. If anyone has a good gingerbread recipe feel free to post it.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Theodora said...

I don't have my mother's gingerbread recipe handy (though I could help if you needed one for peanut brittle :) but I do have this to tickle your humor with.

At 12:37 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

Yeah, your right, that was funny!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Theodora said...

Why can't we have a politician that honest here? :)


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