Sunday, December 05, 2004

And All She Got Was A Rude, Flippant Attitude

I got a hold of that customer's comment that she wrote about me and I must say, it is of biblical proportion. For every one line on the piece of paper, the lady wrote three. Very impressive indeed. As promised, the following is her complaint, word for word....and there are a lot of words.


I came in from La Grande, Oregon to buy a laptop/notebook. There was myself and my adult daughter and the kid behind the counter sort of ignored us as we looked, so we walked away. When we came back there were two guys there; one talking to a customer about cameras and one (Mogwai: the real name is changed to protect the standing there doing nothing! We stood and waited and he stood there totally ignoring us. We kept waiting. Then the other customer walked away and the two kids started talking to each other still totally ignoring us. This went on until my daughter said, "Could you help us?" Mogwai (name underlined this time) came over and was so rude (also underlined) it was not funny! It was as though he was put out to be interrupted doing nothing. He wouldn't give me a decent answer, so it was for sure I couldn't buy the laptop. I tried to find a manager or a supervisor but "Mike" (my boss) was not working today.
All I needed was some questions answered; I did not get this. I got a rude, flippant attitude by a smart alec kid! I even said to him, "Perhaps you need to find a job you like better," and and he gave me another flippant answer, so we walked away while he laughed like it was a joke.
He was the most cocky, smart alec clerk I've ever had wait on me. This is not the usual (name of store) experience, and I dare say you would not tolerate this behavior if you had witnessed it!
We came three hours to buy a laptop, we left without one.

P.S. Went to CompUSA amd spent $2000.00. The guy there was very helpful. You really don't need Mogwai as your employee if you want to sell your laptops. He cost you my sale!

Overall, I would say this was a very well written comment. She used excellent punctuation and spelling, making very few mistakes. She used mostly complete sentences and very nice handwriting. I can tell she put a lot of work and feeling into it and I respect that. Yes, she did change some stuff around to make herself not sound like the rude hag that she was but I forgive her. After all, I did laugh at her as she walked away. Though, I don't remember doing this in such a blatant manner as she would have the reader believe. Oh well. It is too bad that no one will ever read her little note for any reason other than amusement. Yes, I am a bad employee. :)


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