Thursday, November 11, 2004

Working Out

I have started working out and lifting weights and must say that as of this posting, I am sore. I started last week but seriously started my routine tonight. I brought a pad and pen with me tonight and recorded what machines I was using and at what weight. This way I will be able to chart my progress. My plan is to do the same routine every other day and every two weeks, up the weight. We will see how this goes.

I am doing a variety of leg and upper body workouts in an effort to keep everything developing at an even pace. I kind of wish I had a personal trainer for the sole purpose to just suggest tweaks to my routine. I found a workout plan and kind of molded it to my liking. I do not like free weights! For one reason or another, I always feel like people are watching me when I use them. The people that use the free weights at the gym I go to are all usually football players and serious body builders and sometimes they give me a look that says, "Why is your chubby ass here?" Maybe it is all just me and I have self-esteem issues when it comes to my weight, which I know I do to an extent, but sometimes I honestly get the feeling that I am not wanted in that section. So I like to stay upstairs where the workout machines are located.

So, why am I doing this? Two reasons: 1) Mushi would never say this to me, but I know that chubby guys are not usually the ones that she would go for. This is not to say that she is shallow, but she has preferences. We all do. I am trying to look better for her. 2) I want to look better for me too. I have tried out this chubby guy thing for the better part of a decade and am sick of it. I used to be really thin...DAMNED YOU NINTENDO! I do not want to be thin, I want to be quasi-buff...or at least toned. I have a frame that is more suitable for a body builder and I want to utilize it. My brother's frame is more of a basketball player one and while he looks very good and toned, I think that if I try, I can look better or at least more muscular. In part, as stupid as it may sound, I am competing with my brother. There are also the health aspects to consider as well. I would like to live without the aid of a ton of medications and surgeries and being fit will help that. Cancer is rather common in my family, especially on my mom's side and I would rather not get cancer. My mom's side of the family is definitely the one that I take after and I am a tad bothered by this. On the upside, most of that part of the family are exceptionally big people and they do not tend to suffer from things that fat people normally get like diabetes. So I have that going for me but I would rather not risk it.

So yeah, I am working out. I am a tad sore but I am also determined. The next step will be to get my diet under control and that will be the hardest part. I can do this though, I am ready.


At 1:55 AM, Blogger TPL - Huntress said...

I run for 30 minutes and play an hour of raquetball on Mondays. On Saturdays I play basketball with GTFs for two hours. That's really intense.

It helps to have someone with you while you work out. I run with Max, who knows good stretching and yoga, and I do stretches with him after workouts. I definitely want to take a yoga class.


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