Monday, November 15, 2004

Pure Energy

That is what I am right now. Since I started working out a couple of weeks ago, I have been bouncing off walls for the most part. I am going to assume it is the weight lifting that is giving me this scary amount of energy. I have a hard time going to sleep until almost 4am, part of this may be to the fact that I have been playing Halo 2 and I lose track of time. Halo 2 is a pretty decent game, no huge leaps in gaming innovation but not a bad game either. It is merely okay.

I am hoping that Half Life 2 is better than Halo 2. The fun part is that HL2 is out tomorrow...the not so fun part, I doubt I will be getting it. The reason is two fold, first, it is getting to be too close to Christmas to be buying games for myself. Second, I want the deluxe edition of the game so I can have it on one DVD rather than five (yes, five) cds but, I don't want to pay $80 for it. I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too.

I went out to a late lunch with Spyder today and that was fun. Now that he is over in sales with me, one of our co-workers named Barry is being an ass to him. Basically, Barry is the kind of guy that has led an overall mediocre life but in order to make himself feel special, he bosses people around. Barry has absolutely no exceptional qualities other than the fact he is really good at being an ass. Anywho, Barry has chosen Spyder to be his bitch for the holidays and that will not fly. Spyder stands a good chance at getting shipped out to Iraq soon and if he does, his last day at work, he is going to punch Barry. While I do not normally condone violence, in Barry's case I can make an exception. I hope Spyder knocks him out.

In other news, I started Chistmas shopping today. This is a record for me as I almost always wait until the last week before Christmas to get everything done. Today, I got Mushi's present, her sister's, and my brother's all in one fell swoop. Mushi and I are off to a good start for this holiday season. Soon, I am going to get my friends their gifts and Mushi and I's parents as well. With all of the energy I have had lately, I could do it all in one day if it weren't for the dreaded confines of money. :)


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