Friday, November 19, 2004

The Good News and The Bad News

Today has been a mixed bag. I got off work tonight and met Spyder at my house, this was good. Spyder wanted to give me my Christmas present early and that was also good. He gave me City of Heroes, Thanks Spyder! I am downloading the patches for the game onto my laptop as I type this.

Now you might ask why I am loading the game onto my laptop and not my desktop that has all of the screaming hardware, I'll tell you why. My bastard PSU decided it was going to take a dump on me tonight! Beh! I go to turn the system on and nothing. It flicked on for not even a second and then dead...DEAD! I luckily had a crappy PII system I was working on for someone and so I decided to take out its PSU and put in mine. What happens? Nothing. Nada. Zip. My bigass 520 watt power supply can't even run a PII. Beh again.

On the upside, the PSU is under warranty so the fine people at OCZ will be giving me a new one. Until then, I have a $2500 TV tray sitting next to my couch. GRRRRRR. At least I have my faithful laptop.


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