Friday, November 05, 2004

Boring Downtime

I can't stand the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love Halloween and the time of the year that it represents for me and get very excited as it approaches, but once its over, I hate waiting for Thanksgiving. This to me is one of the most boring periods during the year. Once Thanksgiving hits, your on a Yule Tide rollercoaster that will carry you through to the new year but until then, boredom.

I haven't written very many thought provoking entries lately largely because I have been trying not to think too hard. I am in a mindset with work that as long as I don't think about it, it tends to be an ok least as tolerable as a soul-sucking, worthless job can be. :) Tomorrow, my manager has decided that he actually wants to work a shift that will overlap into my closing shift which means that I will have to endure his presence for about three hours. It should be a cheerful time with much optimism and praise to be had. I am not kidding when I say that either, the guy has way too much optimism for his own good. My co-workers and I have tried to squelch that out of him but it is a slow process. Though now, I am sure he goes home and cries himself to sleep due to the havoc we wreak on him.

Annoying people of the day: So I am ahead of schedule and thinking that I am going to be able to escape early when some customers decide they are going ot sit down with their toddler and have a nice post-shopping snack. This happens often and while it annoys me, it usually isn't a big deal....unless you are going to sit around and eat a full half an hour after the store has closed. Which is what these people did. I had to help them earlier that evening with a computer question and didn't much like them at the time but I really hated them while they were eating their pizza and hot dogs. How can people be so selfishly blind that they do not notice they are the only people in the entire store? Employees have lives too and by the looks of it, more meaninful ones than this family. I hate people who do that and hope they choke. Hot dog eaters piss me off.

In other news: My new computer is working well. I am glad I sprung for the X800 XT instead of a lesser video card. That thing rocks. I have been playing Doom 3 lately and must say, it is a somewhat suspenseful game. I am getting a tad sick of it though. After a while of playing it, you can anticipate where the enemies are going to spring out at you and what you have to do to trigger them. There are times though when that game has made me jump. If you are going to play Doom 3, do it with headpones or a really good set of speakers. The noises are the creepy part of the game.

Wow, it is 4am...I really need to get to bed. Good night!


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