Friday, October 22, 2004

So Close But So Far Away

I ordered the ram for my system and it should be here tomorrow. I have all of the parts for the new computer sitting in front of me right now. Except for one. I still need my CPU and Intel is telling me it will be about 4-6 weeks before that is going to happen. Beh. All I need is that one little part. On piece of silicon that measures less than two inches across to be nestled on to one of the best motherboards on the market and I can't do it....damn you Intel.

On the upside, I am glad to have the task of amassing all of the parts behind me. I still need to buy a storage drive for the system but I am not too concerned about that at the moment. I can manage on the 74 gig Raptor and my externals for a bit. I am sick of thinking about very little other than how to get all of the parts for as little money as possible. I am really sick of thinking about building this machine.

I have this problem, I am very one-track-minded. Once something gets ingrained into my head, it is there until I do something about it. I can get so focused on something that it will actually give me a headache or make me sick. This has happened more than once. I am like the antithesis of OCD. I am an ultra-focuser....I don't think that is a word. :) Anywho, now I just have to practice my patients...something I have a lot less of when it comes to this kind of thing. At least Half Life 2 doesn't come out for a few more weeks.


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