Tuesday, October 26, 2004

One More Week

Thats it, and then we won't have to listen to anymore ads about what Bush did or what Kerry isn't going to do. Personally, I am sick of the Presidential race and while it may be a very important topic, I could care less who wins at this point. I know who I am going to vote for and I have had my mind made up for months now, as has the vast majority of the American populace. The ten percent of the people who have yet to make up their mind on who to vote for are the people that keep the ratings for the Real World up on MTV and really could care less who wins this election as long as they can still order pizza and have it delivered to their door.

I am all about voting and feel that we all as Americans have a duty to do it but damn, I hate television and radio ads for the candidates and just wish they would leave me alone. I live in a state where the letter "D" does not exist in the alphabet so it really does not matter what way you vote because the vast majority of Idaho is going to vote Republican everytime. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a swing state. Ugh. The agony of it all.


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