Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ohh...The Itching

I have an itch. I think it is because I haven't tweaked a computer in so long that I am now feeling the need to rip something apart and rebuild it or mod it in some way. I have felt this way for a day or two now and I think I have just found the victim in which to vent my modding frustrations.

I have three external 3.5" drive enclosures, two are firewire and USB2 and one is just USB2. I hate having all of them just sitting around because I seldom turn them all on at the same time and I feel like they are just sitting there...wasting away. I think I am going to start a project to put them all in one enclosure and have them all run off one AC adapter instead of three.

The other thing that drives me nuts about these enclosures is their noise level and the amount of heat they generate. I think I will build a new enclosure to house all of them and draw heat and noise down more effectively. I think I will start the project tomorrow if I can find the time. I will try to post pics on my progress soon. I need to sign up to one of those websites that gives you free space to dump pics on so I can post them as I go.

Let the modding commence!


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