Thursday, October 14, 2004

Its Christmas in October!

Okay, Santa is coming early for me this year! Day before yesterday he brought me my new motherboard. That was like Christmas #1 of the year and all of the parts and accessories that mobo came with that could be the stocking stuffers too. It isn't called the P5AD2 Premium for nothing...I have never seen a mobo with so much stuff included. Anywho.

This morning, Santa...err...the Fedex guy woke me up again with an even bigger package this time. WOOHOO!! Christmas #2 was here. This big present included my OCZ Powerstream 520 watt PSU, my Sony 16x DVD drive, the Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, and another free watch and a cool little 3d Christmas Tree in glass. Ok, that was a run-on sentence but I am very excited.

The next stage of the computer will be the hard one. I am going to have to come up with about $640 for the video card, $360 for the ram, and $300 for the hard drives. About $1300 in all. Beh...that seems like a lot of money...must figure out a way to get $1300 soon....I must build my computer of doom! So, if anyone knows how to get or wants to give me $1300, I will give you a Gmail invite...that sounds like a fair trade. :) Heck, I'll give ya six Gmail invites if ya want!

Now it is off to work for me again, the upside is that I have been working a ton lately so that will help with the computer fund. Later!


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