Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hangovers Suck

The title says it all, hangovers really really suck. Mushi and I went out last night for one of her co-worker's birthdays and both of us had way too much to drink. If there is one piece of drinking wisdom I could impart to my readers it is this: Eat food before you drink. Drinking on an empty stomach...bad idea.

Oh last night at this one bar, Mushi's co-worker Steve Jack found a friend. These two women decided they were going to hang out with us and Steve thought that was cool. I think these two ladies liked to hang out with everyone. Anytime some thirty-something chick that looks like she probably slept with every single member of Motley Crue back in 1985, while in here prime, waves at almost every guy in the bar and says hi like she knows most of them; odds are, she is a slut. Just an older slut than she was back in 1985...and larger...and droopier if you get my drift.

Anywho, watching bar skanks and drinking is always a good least until the following morning when you feel like you are going to yak every time you make the slightest move. The funny part about it is everyone gets nasty hangerovers at some point in time during their life but do they stop drinking, no. People like punishment.


At 12:42 AM, Blogger TPL - Huntress said...

Funny. I don't ever recall getting a hangover. I certainly didn't have one this weekend.


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