Monday, October 25, 2004

The Eagle Has Left the Nest!

WOOHOO!!! WOOT!!!! My CPU and Motherboard have shipped from Intel!! The final part of my computer is on a brown truck headed to my house as I type this. YAY!! I feel like a giddy schoolgirl on a spring afternoon in the Swiss Alps. The wind blowing up my cotton dress, the smell of daisies filling my nostrils...err...nevermind. :)

In anticipation of my computer's completion, I have started to compile all of the games that I will want to run on it like Doom 3, Farcry, Sims 2(actually bought that one), and soon, Half Life 2. Ahh. The holidays are definitely in the air. I may also start playing City of Heroes again, I liked that game. Soon I am going to post some picks of all of the parts before they go into my computer. I will probably be posting shots during the build phase as well. Why? Because I am a nerd.

Speaking of building things and being a nerd, I will probably be revamping the blog soon as well. I will be adding and subtracting links from the page and probably changing the overall style a little bit. I am not sure when this is all going to take place but it will be sooner than later I am guessing.

I am going to start building my resume soon because I have a job prospect that may be opening up to me soon. I may be going to work for Micron in I am lucky. Micron is the world's second largest memory chip maker behind Samsung. I can definitely see myself working there. I like computers and there are many more job opportunities there than at my current job so I am hopeful. Anywho, today has turned out to be a pretty good day considering the fact that it has been a tad cold and wet here the past few days. Fall has definitely kicked into full gear and winter is just around the corner. I like the Fall and Winter seasons better than any other time of the year. I have never much liked the sun and can only tolerate a couple weeks of summer at any given stretch. It is wierd to think that Christmas is exactly two months away. Woohoo!


At 12:07 AM, Blogger TPL - Huntress said...

On the moon, nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks!


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