Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Corporate Pep Rally

For the past four hours, hours that I can never get back, I have been attending a meeting. Basically, the people I work for insisted that all employees at my warehouse attend this stupid pep rally. At this event, we were given the companies growth numbers, expectations, and a list of other crap that you would expect to be at one of these things.

I never liked pep rallies in high school. The definition of a pep rally to me was an extended lunch in which a couple of buddies and I would go to McDonalds or something. I loathed pep rallies and when I was caged into attending them, I usually played my Gameboy most of the time. Tonight, that didn't work; there were so many mangers at this thing that I could only get in a couple minutes of quality playing time. Yes, I brought my Gameboy SP...that little bugger goes almost everywhere with me. So anywho, I ended up being forced to sit in a very uncomfortable chair for about four hours and listened to stuff that interested me about as much as what Senator Kerry's tour in Vietnam was like.

Bottom line: Corporate pep rallies suck balls.


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