Friday, October 29, 2004

Almost Here

My CPU left Salt Lake City at 7:38pm, Thursday night. It is only about a six hour drive from Boise to Salt Lake so, since it is almost 4am here, the chip should be arriving in Boise right about now. Excellent...most excellent.

By the end of today, if all goes well and UPS doesn't screw me, I should have my new systyem up and running and playing the Sims 2 and Farcry and Doom 3 in all of their glory. It's about damned time. I love my laptop and it has gotten me through almost five months of being without my big system but I really long to play good games again. This will hopefully be my last post from my laptop for a long while. We shall see what the coming hours bring. Hopefully a cpu. :) Now it is off to bed, seeing some people are probably getting up around now.


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