Saturday, September 18, 2004

Who Wants A GMail Invite???

I have four gmail invites to give away. I don't need them and I seem to just keep getting them, so the first four people that email me at the following address will be the lucky winners of a gmail account! There is one catch, in return I want you to mail me a link to your favorite website (non-porn...I can get enough of those sites on my own thank you. :) I am getting bored with my usual slew of sites that I visit and am looking for something new and figured this may generate some suggestions. If you want to mail me more than one link go for it! As I said, the first four emails gets the gmail invites. For those that miss out, I am sure I will get more so just be patient.

Mail me here:

Good luck all!

Edit: Okay for those that have a hard time reading, NO PORN!!!!! NO SPAM EITHER!!! I have already denied one person for being a fucktard and trying to spam me. GRRRR!!!!


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