Saturday, September 11, 2004

Slightly Creepy News

It has just come across on Slashdot that North Korea may have detonated a nuclear weapon during a test within the past 48 hrs. This bothers me.

Out of all of the countries in the world that possess nuclear weapons or are doing nuke research, North Korea is the one that I would hope the least to get a nuclear weapon. The dictator that runs N. Korea is a man named Kim Jong Il. Kim is kind of a nutty guy.....a really nutty guy. I don't want to get too wordy with this post but if you don't feel like taking my word for it, do some research yourself.

Earlier today on the news, I heard that the intelligence community had been getting info that was leading them to believe that N. Korea was getting ready to test a nuclear device and to hear this news tonight almost cements the fact the N. Korea may have nukes in my mind. Something else that may back up this test is the fact that N. Korea celebrated its 56th anniversary on September 9th. Kim Jong Il has a history of using the countries anniversary as a stage for making announcements and testing missles and what not. This would definitely fit that bill.

If N. Korea has nukes what does that mean for us in the U.S? Probably not much but if I lived in S. Korea or Japan right now, I would be getting a little antsy. N. Korea is not being led by a stable person right now and his sucessor is worse. If the situation is not handled correctly by China and the rest of Asia, this new event could have scarry and catastrophic consequences. I have done a lot of research on N. Korea and the rest of Asia for that matter and feel comfortable in getting a tad creeped out by this news. Hopefully, cool heads will prevail in the weeks and months to come and hopefully this doesn't turn into an international issue. On the upside, all of this news is somewhat speculative The only solid facts that are present to the public is that on Thurday there was a large explosion within the N. Korean border that edges China and that a 2.2 mile diameter mushroom cloud arose from the area of the detonation. There is also a crater large enough to be seen by satellite where the explosion occurred. I will post more news and facts as I get them from reliable sources.


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