Friday, September 24, 2004

My Newfound Relationship With Sports

Bottom line: I have never been a sports guy. The last time I played an organized sport was in the sixth grade when my mom made me play baseball until I started to fake throwing up to get out of going. It isn't like I really even played when I went anyways, they stuffed me in right field where I had plenty of time to chew on my baseball glove and contemplate life. Again, I am not a sports person normally.

This has changed in the past couple of years and I think that is largely due to my brother. My brother is the polar opposite of me, he was on varsity basketball, varsity golf, and when he played baseball, was on the All Star team as a pitcher. My bro has more athletic skill in his pinky than I do in my entire body. I envy him for this. Sometimes I consider myself lucky that I have the coordination to walk let alone shoot a hole-in-one on the golf course.

Anywho, I have really gotten into college football this season. I like listening to the football games in which the Broncos, Boise State's football team, plays. So far this year they are 4-0 and are ranked 21st in the nation. This is kind of cool seeing that BSU being ranked was unheard of until a couple years ago and now we have ESPN covering some of our games. Anyways, we beat BYU tonight because BYU missed a field goal attempt that should not have been a problem for them. I just find it funny that I am actually considering going to a football game, something I haven't done since high school and even then it was just to listen to my friends that were in band play.

Basketball season is fast approaching and I am getting excited for that as well. I have always tolerated basketball better than all of the other sports and am hoping that the Celtics have a good team this year. We will see....they kind of sucked last season.

In other news, there is a small chance that I might become a loss prevention specialist for the company I work for. This would be a friggin' cool job. Basically, I would come to work dressed in steet clothes and just wonder around all day looking for shoplifters. This would be the life. I have been looking for a change in my job and this could be right up my alley. I hope I get the position.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger CypherXero said...

Hey, you need to talk to isreal over at, he works as a Loss Prevention Specialist, and I consider him to be a great Social Engineer. I'd bet $100 that isreal could SE Kevin Mitnick, lol.


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