Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm on Blogshares!

A few months ago Cypherxero posted an entry on his blog about this website called Blogshares. The site is basically a stock market simulator that uses blogs as the stock to be traded. The idea is a cool one seeing as just about everyone and their dogs has a blog these days and there are thousands of them listed on Blogshares.

As you may have noticed, there is a Blogshares button on my sidebar now. If you click on it, you will be taken to the stock market analysis of my blog. Even if you do not have a blog of your own you can still play the game just by registering. I have to admit, it is kind of fun but then again, I have always been intrigued by the stock market.

One other spiffy feature this site has to offer, is the idea of "chips". You earn chips when you answer these goofy little questions off to the side of the page and with these chips you can do three things. 1)Give them away. 2)Buy Raffle tickets with them. 3)Buy advertising space with them. Option 3 is the best buy in my opinion. Not only do you attract potential buyers of your blogs stock to your blog but you also get a free plug for your blog. The ads definitely work too, I bought twenty ad credits which will get two hundred hits for my blog. The cool part is that they are almost all used up and I only bought the credits half an hour ago. Pretty sweet.

Well, if this entry doesn't sound like an advertisement for Blogshares I have no clue what would. But to all of the people that are actually clicking the ad to this blog:

"Welcome and hopefully you will check back in occasionally as I do update quite often."


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