Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Want My Games!

Well, all of the last post's anticipation for the Sims2 and Fable was for nothing. I was at least hoping to get one of them today but alas, it was not to be so. The Sims 2 is supposed to be released on the 17th which is an odd date because the typical North American release days are Tuesdays. Oh well.

I should be able to get my hands on Fable by at least this weekend if not sooner. The second I see someone I know that has the game or a rental store that has a copy on the shelf, that game is going on my X-Box's hard drive. Yes, I could buy it I can't break my record now. I have a ton of X-Box games but I have never actually bought a game for the system. I did not blow $150 on modding my system to actually go out and buy the mod an X-Box to pirate games and emulate older consoles. End of story.

Meanwhile, it looks like the prices for the parts of my new system are coming down somewhat. The Sony DRU700A Dual-Layer DVD burner is now at Best Buy for $120 after the rebate or check or whatever the gimmick to get people in the store on that day will be. That drive used to retail for $200 so this is a good thing. My 1gig stick of DDR2-533 from Crucial is staying at $350.00 but maybe it will start to slowly descend from Mt. Expensive soon. The X800 XT Platinum PCI-Express video card is proving to be extremely hard to find, especially under $600 but there is still at least a month to go before constuction of the beast begins so I still am hopeful about that going down in price. I think that when I get the Intel D915PBL mobo I am going to sell it and get the badass Asus P5AD2 Premium board instead. I figure that yes, the Intel board would be fine but if I am going to make this system truly badass and futureproof I may as well go with the best. So if you need a new mobo and you want a deal, I'll have one to sell soon.


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