Friday, September 10, 2004

The First Part of the New Computer Has Arrived!!

Technically, its not real a part of the computer...more like window dressing. A couple days ago I ordered a case badge off of Ebay and it came in the mail this morning. It is a skull and crossbones or otherwise known as the Jolly Roger for you pirate history buffs out there.

Specifically, this was the Edward England's pirate flag that was flown on the mast of his ship, The Pearl. England normally sailed in the waters surrounding Africa until the British Navy drove him from the area in 1718. He continued to sail until the mid-1720s when his crew turned against him and made him relinguish control of the ship. For the rest of England's life he was dirt poor and lived off of the charity of other pirates. As far as I can tell, he died a pauper on the island of Madagascar.

Below is a picture of his flag and also THE FIRST PICTURE ON MY BLOG!!!!! WOOHOO!! I said I would do it has just taken a long time to get done.

Edward England's Flag


At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But why is the rum gone!?" :D

Anyway, that's cool that you have a Jolly Roger case badge. I'm kind of jealous actually.



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