Monday, September 20, 2004

Chips 'N Bits

Tonight was fun. I signed up a couple of weeks ago for a seminar given by Intel called "Chips 'N Bits" and it was held this evening. All in all it was pretty much what I expected, a room full of about twenty guys and two women all geeking about and talking about Intel's new processor numbering system.

The big reason I went, was to get enough points in Intel's training program to put me over the top for their purchase plan next month. Mission accomplished, I am most definitely getting the chip and mobo combo for $200. YAY! On top of the points, many other freebies were to be had. The complete list is as follows:

1) Can of Mountain Dew

2) Cans of Pepsi

1) Cheeseburger

1) Little piece of chicken

2) Five dollar gift cards to McDonalds

2) Glasses of water

1) Intel baseball bat pen

1) Intel baseball cap (baseball was the theme of the evening)

1) Intel 16mb USB Thumb Drive

1) Bag of Intel flyers and charts

Overall, I made out like a bandit though I did not win one of the three chip and mobo combos that were given away. I was one number off, oh well, I will buy it next month. :) Most of the guys at this thing were from either Circuit City, Best Buy, or CompUSA. There were only two of us from the "Big-ass Warehouse Store" but we represented well, when it came to quiz time that pitted us against the other stores, they soon realized that I had the ability to school them and school them I did. All of them came to realize that there were only two people on my team that knew anything and relied on me to answer the questions. I rule. :)I am just glad I made Best Buy come to depend on me. The day is mine!


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