Thursday, September 02, 2004

ARGH!! The Pounding!!

So help me, I think our neighbor is hosting a freaking hippy drum circle! There has been this constant pounding coming from his house for almost four hours and I don't think it is techno or any kind of electronic music. I think it has to do with hippies. Why can't they quit their drumming long enough to drop acid or smoke a bowl? At least either of those options would be more productive than drumming. Do you halucinate from drumming, no. Do you get a nice mellow high from pounding on a little bongo, no. Then why in the hell do hippies insist on drumming?! Why?!

Speaking of hippies, I found out that this kid I went to high school with is now in a hippy commune. A commune! He belongs to this East Winds commune in Missouri and they spend a good portion of their time making rope sandals, growing veggies, and making hammocks to sell to companies like Cost Plus. So if you bought a hammock from Cost Plus and thought it may have been made by ten year old Malaysian children in a sweat shop, you are wrong. It was made by pot smoking hippies. What gets me about this commune is they make their members work forty hour work weeks and they gross over two million dollars a year so I am told. These are the most industrious hippies I have ever heard of. And for being communists, seeing that they live in a commune, they make quite the bank for being a group of about 150 people. They are very capitalistic communists, hence I think they are confused. Then again, they are hippies and many of them would vote for Nader in the upcoming election. People that vote for Ralph Nader make me laugh. What they do not realize is that when they vote for Nader they are splitting the votes that would normally go to Kerry and giving Bush the upper hand. So really, people that vote for Nader are actually voting for Bush. Way to go guys! At least I am knowingly voting for Bush, though I doubt he minds getting help from the polar opposite of what he stands for. Voters need to research their candidate and know the consequences for electing the person they cast their ballot for. Freaking hippies.

BTW if you want to check out the website for the hippy commune my friend now resides in, this is the addy:


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