Monday, August 30, 2004

A Yule Tide Rant

I am starting to hate Christmas. It used to be that I loved the Christmas music, the television commercials, Christmas morning, etc. But now my job has made Christmas the bane of my existence. The people are crabby, the stores are crowded beyond God's intention, and I am stuck in the middle. To top everything off, my store decided to begin gearing up for the birth of Christ earlier this week. It is still August!!! Christmas is almost four months off and we have a whole aisle dedicated to wreaths the size of J-Lo's ass and a stupid Christmas train set. Beh!

I am not alone in my growing dislike for the holiday season. Most of my co-workers dread this time of year as well. It would not be so bad if the holidays started after Thanksgiving but to have them start before Labor Day is ludicris. By the time Christmas does get here most people wish it would have come a couple months earlier. Commercialism and Capitalism make Christmas suck and that pisses me off. I used to like Christmas.


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