Friday, August 20, 2004

To Make a Good Marinade

According to most people that know me, I am a pretty decent cook. I have always liked to cook. I like food and feel that I should know how to make the things I like. It is just a logical means to an end. So today I have been asked by my brother to prepare my steak marinade. To me, there is no better way to start an evening than with a couple of marinated New York strips sizzling on the grill and a cold beverage. All of my readers should consider themselves among the chosen because today I am going to share something I do not share with many steak marinade recipe.

Mogwai's Mysterious Marinade

1. Get a container to put all of the marinade in. Make it a large one because it is
going to hold the steaks to. I like Tupperware.

2. Dump some minced garlic in the container, followed up by soy sauce, lemon juice,
Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce, and a Fat Tire beer. Other beers can be substituted but I
like amber beers for this recipe. Don't use light beer like Corona or dark beer
like Guinness, they just don't taste right. The reason you dump a beer in there is
because beer possesses an enzyme that breaks down proteins(the steak)and makes
them nice and soft. It basically speeds up the marinating process. Most of the
beer taste cooks out so if you don't like beer don't worry, you will be okay. Also
notice that I don't have specific measurements for everything. I do it all by
taste. I will say that you need a lot of Yoshida's (if you don't have Yoshida's
just use Teriyaki sauce)and a lot of soy sauce. One can of beer is good and use as
much garlic as you want. As for the lemon juice, just squeeze a bit in, not a lot
but enough.

3. Sometimes I will also put in Chinese Red Chili oil to spice it up a bit. You will
find this in the Asian section of you grocery store. Usually, it is in a small
bottle with a black label with red print. Good stuff but be careful, if you use
too much it messes everything up.

4. Let the steak sit in the mixture for at least a few hours. If you want it to be
really soft, let it sit over night. You can never marinate a steak for too long.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the recipe, enjoy it. Just writing this thing is making me hungry so I think I am going to go eat some lunch now.


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