Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Progress and Frustration

Well, after more than a month of complaining that I live in the aftermath of a tornado, I can finally say that progress is being made on the house. It is getting cleaner with every day that passes and the boxes that once filled the house are growing fewer in number. Today, I finished putting together a new computer desk for the big system and that should be nicer home for it than the kitchen table on which it currently resides.

Tomorrow I am going to rip apart my computer and see why on God’s green earth it keeps rebooting. I have been putting this off because I am not sure if I want to know what the answer is. I tooled around with the RAM settings in my BIOS and that didn’t work so the next step is to reseed the processor and see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn’t fly, I will reinstall Windows (again) and see if for some magical reason that clears up the problem.

On a similarly frustrating note, I finally got to mod one my buddy’s X-Box. I have successfully modded three systems previous to this one and have never had a problem. Tonight however was different. Upon ripping the X-Box open and tinkering with the modchip and the motherboard, I got the thing up and running…excellent. I then proceeded to install the new 120 gig hard drive and the software necessary to do all of the wonderful things you can do with a modded X-Box. This is where everything went to Hell. Everything was working wonderfully and then it just stopped. It just stopped. When I rebooted the machine it came up with an error which led me to believe that the modchip was not seeded correctly. Five or six hours of tinkering later the damn the still doesn’t work and I am pissed. I used the solder less version of the chip and it is a POS. I have used solder less chips on all of my installs but the Xenium chip has definitely been the worst piece of crap ever. If you are thinking of doing an X-Box mod, DO NOT USE THE XENIUM MOD CHIP! I personally like the Executer 2.3 Lite and have never had a problem with any of the Executer chips for that matter. The other thing about the Xenium that tweaks me is the lack of problem solving material that the OzXodus website has. Most of the problems on the forums there are pretty similar but there are very few official workarounds or fixes to address the abundance of issues that this chip has…annoying.

On a lighter and happier note, the rest of the day went pretty well. I went to Demonator’s place today and he fixed up my bike a little bit. All in all, the bike is in good shape considering it has been in an attic for the past three or so years. Was the bike up there because I got a new one? No. Was there something horribly wrong with the bike that forced me to stop riding it? No. Am I a lazy computer nerd that prefers driving everywhere? Yes. I am the most physically active person in the world. In between eating fast food and playing video games, I like to bench press midgets for exercise. After benching the wee ones, they enjoying getting into fuzzy suits and getting tossed at a Velcro wall. If any of this were true and it was P.C. to lift and throw midgets, I would be the most ripped history nerd in Idaho, maybe even Wyoming and Utah. Friggin’ Utah…anyway…I think I am going to go to bed now. Lots to do tomorrow but I will definitely post on here when I get a spare couple of minutes.


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