Friday, August 06, 2004

The Operation Went Well. Now We Can Only Hope He Recovers.

Tonight I finally got around to ripping up my computer and rebuilding it to see if I can get rid of my pesky spontaneous rebooting problem. The operation looks to be an initial success seeing that upon turning the machine on, it did not spit flame, smoke, or demonically curse at me in Aramaic. Needless to say, this is good.

While tinkering around in the guts of the beast, I also installed a pair of “silent” fans that are indeed, pretty damned quiet. Unfortunately, the dull roar of the other two fans I have not got around to replacing out spoke their more silent brethren. I will be fixing that very soon. I have also contemplated putting vibration dampening material on the interior of the case paneling to see just how much noise that cuts out. I am skeptical of this but the stuff is rather cheap and I am in an experimental mood. I will keep everyone updated on that.

I also zip tied off some loose cabling. I hate opening a case and having it look like a rat’s nest. After doing the zip tying, I reseeded the CPU and heat sink and also my RAM. Hopefully this whole tidying up was not in vain. One thing I found while in there was an excessive amount of dust around my RAM and in the socket area so maybe it was causing a short of some kind and I fixed it. I kind of doubt this though; I have seen computers with literally an inch of dust in them and they were running fine….scary.

Now for the waiting game; I am going to hook everything up and let the system run overnight and hopefully when I wake up tomorrow it will be exactly how I left it. I do not want to call in an old priest and a young priest to try to solve this problem for me. Well, time to go connect the wiring and hope. Later.


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