Saturday, August 07, 2004

Mr. Mogwai's Class is in Session!

As it stands right now, there is a 95% chance I will probably be teaching at Boise High in a couple of weeks! YAY! It is not a full time teaching job as it is only one class that I will be teaching for 1.5 hours a day except for Wednesdays but it is a start and it is a foot in the door...a big one. I will hopefully be teaching US History which I believe is a Junior level class so that should be a blast. If the principal has his way, I know I will be hired and that rocks. Now I can be one of the few history nerds that actually does something with their degree. YAY!

I also got fifty bucks that I was not expecting today. I helped a guy out with his computer, not expecting to be paid in anyway and today he walks up and says thanks and then proceeds to slip me a fifty. You just can't say no to that. All in all, today was a good day with one exception.

Sadly, I must annouce that Super Freak singer Rick James died today. I think he was 56 years old, which is older than I expected him to live considering his past drug habits. Thanks to Rick James, many kids who wanted to, could not get their grubby Swatch Watch wearing hands on cocaine because I think he hoarded about 30% of the U.S blow intake for himself. Way to keep kids of drugs Rick, just do them all so future generations can't. The odd part to this event is the fact that I saw a Dave Chapelle skit about Rick James about four hours ago and he was a topic that came up in several of tonight's conversations between some friends and I. I can just see it right now, there have to be some Colombian drug kings that are making a small shrine in Rick's honor. "So long Senor, you made us very rich."


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