Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Interview

Today I had my interview at Boise High. In general, I think it went pretty well. When I got there the principal and the chair of the history department were waiting for me and we preceeded to the principal's office. Once in the office they took turns asking me a barrage of questions ranging from why I want to be a teacher to how it makes me feel when a student gets a failing grade. The latter question was fun because a told them that if a student failed it would not be my fault but the students. The way I see it, I have dates that I want stuff turned in by and if the kids can't get their stuff in, that is their own damned problem. Kids must be held accountable for their successes and failures and should be able to face the consequences of each. I have faith in the way I teach and my knowledge of US History, if the kids do a minimum of work they will pass. The two interviews raised their eyebrows to this reponse from me. I think they were expecting me to tell them that I would feel bad because I let the kids down...HAH! Failure is very seldom an external party's fault and to blame someone else for your shortcomings is childish and gutless. Kids need to realize that if they get a bad grade, 95% of the time there is something they could have done to improve that grade be it studying, talking to the teacher, taking better notes etc. Anywho, I will get off of my soap box now.

The principal said I would probably hear from him tomorrow as to whether or not I would get the job. If I do not get it then yes, I would be a tad let down but on the upside, I would be able to just go to work and come home and relax....a simple life for a bit. If I get it then great, I have my first meeting on Thursday. That will be spiffy to go to, my first meeting as a professional teacher. :) That and this will be an extra source of income that will be welcome regardless of its size. We shall see I guess. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow and hopefully I will start class on Monday. :)


At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your answer. They didn't ask how you would feel if the students failed to learn history despite adequate effort. They asked how you would feel if you had to fail them, when 90% of failing grades in high school are a direct result of a lack of effort from the student. [/FakeStatistic]

I hope you get it!



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