Saturday, August 21, 2004

In Praise of My iPod

Of all of the gadgets I have, my iPod is easily the best. Not only is it the best mp3 player made, it also makes an excellent external hard drive when you need one. Ever since the demise of my big file server, I have been in desperate need of storage space and my 30gig laptop hard drive just doesn't cut it. My iPod does take some of the pressure off of this strain though. Since Demonator has all of my hdds at the moment and I constantly need to cart stuff to and from the dives, the iPod makes an excellent vessel in which to do so.

The one and only downside to my precious white and aluminum piece of joy is the fact that its battery is definitely going downhill. Why Apple could put a good battery into the 2nd Generation of iPods is beyond me. When the batttery levels get annoyingly low on this little guy I will probably just use it for a storage drive which it works well as. I will buy a new iPod the second I retire this one though, that is certain. I simply love this thing too much to be without one.

For those that do not have a ton of mp3s, the iPod's price may be a little much but for those of us that have quite a collection of them(*cough* 52,000 of 'em *cough*) the iPod is an absolute must have. In my opinion, the iPod is one of the few things they have done right. Keep the iPods coming, Apple!


At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psh. I only have 19,763 MP3s. But if you ever have about 80 gigs of free space you need to fill up, let me know and I'll haul my drives over. I owe you one. Or nineteen thousand seven hundred and sixty three. Heh.



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