Thursday, August 26, 2004

A Fairly Good Time

Okay, that pun sucked. I went to the fair this evening with Mushi and ate a lot of food that reminds me that I am a mere mortal and my heart will give out someday. Just something about the name "Pound O Fries" gets me every year and I yearn to make those 16 oz. of potato cuttings slide down my throat with a generous helping of ketchup. I like fair food.

We saw many animals this evening including one breed of rabbit that kicks ass, the angora rabbit I think it was. They were furry little buggers but cute. They had this laid back aura around them that let you know that if you owned one, they would just chill and eat some carrots and not raise a fuss or act the fool. We also saw llamas. I dig llamas and alpacas, they are just goofy creatures.

After returning from the fair, I did about an hour of online job hunting to no avail. There is a research position for the Idaho State Historical Society that is a volunteer position that sounds cool. I would reseach given topics and write about them and find answers to them. Stuff I like to do and do very well. There is just one thing that kills me and that is the word "volunteer". "Volun" meaning "no" and "teer" meaning "freakin money". I need money therefore, while the research job would be great, I would still have to work for the dreaded employer I do now. That sucks. I still may apply for the volunteer job though, it would be fun and maybe if I did something fufilling two or three days a week, the other four or five work days would seem like less of a void that sucks a little more of my life away with every hour I work at it. Something is going to have to change there very soon. I am becoming a terrible and mean person because of that job and I hate it. The money is not worth it. So tomorrow, the job search will intensify. Hopefully, something comes up.


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