Thursday, July 22, 2004

Why Talk Shows Are Good For Society

Since the dawn of time people have enjoyed seeing freaks and wierdos. It is human nature to want to see something odd and out of the ordinary.....and plenty of people qualify as being odd these days. Since Freak Shows and Sideshows are no long PC where do people go to see the oddballs of humanity? They turn on their televisions of course. TV is filled with freaks and weirdos.

Take Maury Povich for example, today his show was one of those run of the mill episodes in which women try to prove that a certain guy is the father of their child. Normally these shows are boring, except for when the women, after screaming and carrying on about how their boyfriend is such a jerk and ass becasue he won't care for HIS child, are proven wrong and it turns out that she was a whore and was banging other people. I love it when Maury says that the kid is not his and then the woman runs off the stage freaking out because it is her own fault that she is in the situation she is in. The people in these shows, both men and women, lack accountability and that makes me laugh. People are strange creatures sometimes and talkshows prove that. They exist to make people realize that no matter how bad their lives are, they do not have lives as bad as the people on tv and that makes them happy. It is a very shallow re-affirmation for the viewing audience that their lives are ok.

Mainstream society is crazy.


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