Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ohh...My Stomach...Can't Go To Work...

Ahh...sick days. If you were to ask my boss what I was doing right now, he would tell you that I am at home puking and dealing with some kind of flu bug that I have had for the past couple of days. If you were to ask me what I am doing, I would say that I was faking it and enjoying the weekend. :) The best part is that another guy in my department mysteriously came down with the flu as well with symptoms that match mine. Funny thing is, we never talked or planned this out. I think he just took a cue from me. I like being a trend setter.

Last night while I was worshipping the porceline gods, I went and saw "The Village". What an excellent movie that was. It is definitely M. Night Shyamalan's best work to date. The movie has the best story of all of his films largely because of its depth. The characters are also very well cast and I loved the scenery. For those of you that go and watch it, think about the moral decisions that had to be made by the characters in the film. I think that is the part that stood out the most for me; all of the people in the film were motivated by a sense of loss and I found it very interesting to follow their actions throughout the film. The Village is a must see.

I am modding a friend's X-Box tonight so I am trying to get all of the stuff I need in order. This will be my fourth modding experience so I am pretty confident. The X-Box is a pretty easy machine to tinker with and modding it is my only justification for owning that system. They are just damned handy to have around.

That is pretty much it for now. I may post more later on today depending on how I am doing with the chores that I need to wade through today.


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You're fired! :D



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