Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fun Day At Work

So yesterday, I am working....or at least making it look like I am working and some ladies come up and want to look at some stuff in the jewelry counter. They wanted to see earrings. This is no big deal so I take them over to the display, unlock it, and get out the sets of earring they requested. This is where it gets weird.

The ladies actually took the earrings they were wearing out and put the display earrings in their ears. That grosses me out every time when women do that. Uhg. Anywho, when they were done seeing a pair of earrings, they would give them back to me and expect me to fumble with the piece that was in their ear and put it back on the display stand. This is not going to happen...I don't like handling things that were in other peoples' bodies, even if it was just an ear. I inform the ladies that they needed to put the earrings back on the display stand themselves before I would get out more earrings for them to look at. Both of them seemed fine with this and did as they were told. The odd thing was that one of them was so lazy that she only used one hand to do it.

Over the next few minutes, the ladies look at a couple more pairs of earrings and the one lady starts to kind of complain that I am making her put the earrings back on the display stands. What was her problem? She had two hands and could use both of them to put the earrings back if she wanted to, she was just being lazy. Then her sister comes over and starts to help her put the earrings back on the displays, odd.

It was then that I noticed something; the lady's arm that she had not been wasn't an arm at all but a prosthetic. Oops. I felt kind of bad about that, had I known that was why she was having difficulty I would have helped her out. On the other hand, there was some humor to be found in that situation. Those prosthetics are starting to look too darned real. What ever happened to hooks and peg legs?

BTW I saw Bourne Supremacy last night with Mushi and must say that it followed the first film pretty well. Not a bad movie at all. Anywho, off to work again. Later!


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