Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A Day at the Buffet

Today is Din Fung day! Din Fung is a very good Chinese buffet that I have given way too much money to over the years. Demonator and I are going there today. When I was still going to school, I would drive to Din Fung for lunch almost every two days if not every other day. I really like eating at this place. At $6.75 for an all you can eat Chinese extravaganza, you can't go wrong.

Chinese buffets are really a hit or miss affair. Most of them are just okay, while others downright suck. In Boise, we have 2.5 good Chinese buffets. Din Fung, The China Grand Buffet, and the .5 goes to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is sometimes really good and other times horrible, but the times they are good, they are pretty good. The China Grand Buffet has the best selection of food. It truly is a grand buffet, the downside is, with such a huge selection they really have a lot of stuff I am not horribly fond of. But they have Dim Sum and are the only place in town to make authentic homemade Dim Sum so for that, they get points.

Chinese cuisine is easily my favorite food. There are several good non-buffet Chinese places around town too. The Twin Dragon is the best out of all of those, though I may be biased seeing that my friend's family owns the place. They do have good food though....yum. Anyways, now that everyone has heard my food preferences I am going to get ready to go and pick up Demonator for lunch.


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