Friday, July 09, 2004

And He Thought I was The Dumbass

So I am going to a friend's house today and a funny thing happened.

As I was sitting at a stop sign, waiting to pull out into traffic, a scruffy looking guy on a bike was approaching me from the sidewalk to the left side of the street I was stopped at. Yes, admittedly I was pulled up a little far into the street and the biker was going to have to swerve around me in order to get by, my bad. Having said that, this guy had absolutely no right to swerve out of his intended path toward my driver's side window and yell in a very rude manner, "Thanks! Dumbass!"

I replied, "Fuck you!" What right did this guy have to start bomb throwing for a miniscule incovenience that everyone who has rode on a bike has had to endure? There was a car behind me and so it was not like I could have backed up, I looked.

After we exchanged those endearing words to each other he then swerved in front of my car and that is when it happened. The guy looked back toward me for a split second and then he bit hard it right in front of my car. WTF?! I starred in disbelief, amazement, and amusement. The first thing that went through my head was that this guy was going to try scamming me and say that I hit him. Which did not happen, thankfully. From my window I asked if he was okay but he did not respond. He picked up his bike and walked it for a second before he got back on it and rode off. On one hand, I felt kind of bad for him because he scraped his elbow and it was bleeding and its never cool when someone gets hurt. On top of that he had just fallen off his bike in front of the guy he was antagonizing so he probably bruised his ego more than anything. On the other hand, that was friggin' hilarious. Had he not swerved out of his way to yell at me, the accident probably never would have happened.

Moral of the story: Karma is a bitch. :)


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