Sunday, June 20, 2004


If you were as smashed as I am right now, you might be in the hospital. I am quite surprised I can even type, let alone edit myself right now. I can hardly stand up straight let alone type. I spelled straight wrong initially but I was able to correct myself....way to go me. Damn.........damn......I can't get sober....mothers against drunk drivers would hate me right now. But I foiled their plan, I DIDN'T DRIVE!! My buddy, Tony did. Hah!!! All of you bitter mothers against drunk driving, I didn't kill your kid, someone else did. Should I publish this......sure. My head spins. I am getting married in a week. My spelling seems like some incomprehensible equation.....I don't know how I am getting it right but I am. Hah! Dreaming...of meeting the right girl...and I did...and she is marrying me...odd.....I love her so much. Why am I saying this? Should I start a new paragraph? YES!!

Okay I did. Kieth got me drunk. I before E. Except after C. Damn the passed but not by much. My lip is sticking out now...this is a new thought therefore, I should start a new paragraph. But I don't why....BECAUSE this is my blog and I win. HAH! HAH! WOW!

New paragraph.....why am I writing this? Be sure to indent....I did.....good. I get an A. I am a technically perfect writer......sober anyway. Okay maybe not...I had trouble spelling maybe....that means I am less than sober. I told you I would be. I am spelling well, I win the spelling be. This is a brainstorm. I am free-writing right now.. This will sound odd tomorrow. Yup, it will.

Bye-bye and nite- night. I spelled it both ways to cover my bases. You say tomatoe....I say I spelled it wrong. I hope everyone gets home safe. I didthanks to good friends.

I will eat Indian food tomorrow and it will be good. YAY! This is giberish I should be ashamed of. But possibly funny. Who knows? The Shadow does. Dang. Peoples' voices....they are here...good.

Later. Yeah. Sorry. Little drunk right now. Yup. Publish this.


At 6:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best. Post. Ever.



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