Friday, June 11, 2004

WOOHOO First Post!

Well....weclome to Mog's Blog. Where do I begin? I am 24, about to get married, and am working on at least one book, maybe two. I am a nerd, let us not make any qualms about this; a night of relaxation for me would be coming home, mixing myself a White Russian, and watching GI Joe cartoons. For the two or three people that may actually read will quickly learn that I am a cartoon junkie.
Speaking of the handful of bored blog hunters that may stumble upon this, congratulations, you have just won an all expense paid trip to the land of mediocraty. It is possible that this blog will grow and gain a following. It is equally possible that this will tank and after a handful of posts I realize that my life is not as nearly as interesting as I would like to think it is.
One thing is certain.....this could get interesting so stay tuned.



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