Thursday, June 17, 2004

A Sick Day

It does not matter how crappy I feel, but everytime I call in sick to my job I feel better. I think it is the fact that I know I am screwing them that makes me just a tad happier but whatever it is I like it. So today I called in sick. My allergies are still acting up and I sound like crap; I think I may actually have a tad of a cold on top of eveything but what can you do?

I went to BSU today and finalized all of my teaching creditials so that is good. I am now totally qualified to warp the minds of this nation's youth. Some of them don't need too much of my help and are already well on their way to a lucrative career in the food service industry all by themselves. You may be wondering what it is exactly that I teach. I am qualified to teach grades 7-12, history, and general social studies. I have always liked history and figured the only way I am going to get paid for it is if I teach or write. I am working on getting into both. We shall see.

I also went power supply shopping today and found a nice Antec file server case with a 450 watt psu for $130.00. It was cheaper for me to get the psu with a case rather than by itself so now I am the proud owner of a new case. I have a Lian Li case as it stands right now but I think I will migrate everything into the Antec and leave the Lian Li for something else, not sure what yet. I know there are those of you out there who wonder why I just didn't get the psu online and save a ton of money. The answer is simple, I need my computer fully functional by Saturday and am willing to pay for it.

I will post pics of the new case later. Though I do not think it will be too spectacular.


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