Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Pole Whackers

At my job, people are not very bright as I have mentioned before. I also do very little at my job, as I have also mentioned before. One thing I do enjoying doing there is people watching. Throughout my day I see some very curious things. One trend I have noticed as of late is people running into the poles that hold up the roof.

People will come in from outside, grab a cart, and start meandering throughout the store. While they trod about they will usually read the coupon book or be talking on their cell phones. The really talented ones do both. One thing that some of them don't do is see the poles that are right in front of them. Despite the shiny diamond plating that these poles sport, I have seen three people ram them this week. It is not like these things just jump out in front of you, they don't move at all and they are a decent size. So why do people keep whacking into them? The world may never know.

A scary thought is the fact that all of the people in the building be they shoppers or employees drove to get there. If these people are so unattentive with shopping carts just imagine how they are while driving around in their big trucks and SUVs.

I quiver in terror.

BTW it looks like my power supply is the only thing that will need replacing from the surge event. YAY! I wasn't expecting to upgrade my system for at least another five months.


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