Friday, June 11, 2004

Off to be a Repairman!

Good Morning!

I figured that I would post something before I went to work and to fix a couple's computer. The computer I am going to work on is an older couple's machine. They don't have a lot of computer expertise but like to use the one they have. It went on the fritz and they called a repairperson and he gave them the run around and was going to charge then a ton of money for a simple reinstall of Windows 98. Upon hearing this, I told them I would do the required work for free.

I don't think it is right that people, especially older people, should have to pay someone $75.00 an hour for fifteen minutes worth of work. I just doesn't set well with me. With this mindset, I find myself a rather busy person doing free computer repair work for a multitude of people. I kind of like this because I feel like I am doing my part to reign in the IT industry and the enormous fees they charge to do minute things.

Off to work I go!


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