Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Final Countdown

In roughly 12 hours and 9 minutes I will no longer be in the singles category. The big day has finally arrived and I am getting quite excited. We had the rehersal tonight and that went well. We also ate a very good dinner at Cottonwood Grille, one of Becca and I's favorite dining spots. All in all, a pretty damned good night.

One of my best friends, Ben, flew in this morning and happily helped me out throughout the day. That was very cool of him to fly up and help me like this. I am glad he was able to come. He is also a groomsman so it isn't like he had a ton of a choice. :)

I will be glad when tomorrow is over. We spent most of this morning decorating the church and reception area and it all looks very cool. Becca's family put a lot of effort into the decorations and it shows. Very cool. All of the pressure that has been building up over the past couple of months will finally come to pass and Becca and I can get on with the next stage in our lives. It will be fun.

The theme of the wedding was Skittles. Yes, you heard me right, Skittles. Taste the Rainbow. All of the tables at the reception have Skittles colored tableclothes and the wedding cake is also pokadotted. It is a very colorful wedding. The bridesmaids are in blue, green, and purple dresses and the groomsmen are wearing orange, red, and yellow ties. Once I get some pics I may post a few of em on here. I know I have said I will post pics before and I will, you have know clue how busy I have been lately. :)

We go on our honeymoon on Sunday and hopefully the place we will be at has wifi or some sort of internet connection. Yes, I am a nerd. If so, I will post while on my honeymoon as well. We will just have to see.


At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your big day tomor-- er, today. Hope it goes well. Can't wait for the pics!

Wifi on your honeymoon? Can't you think of better things to do? ;)


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