Tuesday, June 22, 2004


This whole moving to a new house thing is driving me nuts. I am kind of a slob when it comes to organization and cleanliness of my personal space. My room may look dirty but I know where everything in it is 99% of the time. Except my dress shoes....I miss them and have no clue where they went. Anyway, with this move occurring all of my crap is in boxes. If I am searching for "Item A" and I can't find it, odds are it is in a box or the garbage. What box, I don't know, what house is it in, I don't know. Are you starting to see a theme?

I do not like it when I can't find something, I especially don't like not even being able to narrow its location down to even a house. On top of it all, I am a pack rat. Issues of magazines from three years ago, yup I still have them. Wired, 2600, Maximum PC, PC Gamer, Maxim, Men's Health(do I use them, no, but they make me feel healthier), Mad, etc. All of these magazines are neatly stacked and I can't figure out what to do with them. I do not want to throw them away but I don't know where they will go in my new house. With the computer mags I think I am going to make a binder and just cut out all of the useful info and put it in one place. We will see. Anywho, have a good night.


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