Sunday, June 20, 2004

A Day of Rest aka: Dealing With A Hangover

Well, as you can see from the previous post, I was pretty much out of it after last night's bachelor party. I think I had eleven drinks throughout the night and four of them were whats called a "Bucket of Blues". What is a Bucket of Blues? A very large drink that has about four or five shots of various vodkas and liquors in. I pounded two of them in less than 16 seconds a piece. Yes, they timed me.

After those drinks came a flurry of Rock Lobsters and Liquid Cocaines, topped off with a Black Opal. The bachelor party was a blast and it was capped when my guys met up with Becca and her girls for one drunken bar hopping session in the evening. Lots of fun to be had by all.

Then came this morning.

I don't get hangovers very often but when I do they tend to be monsterous. This morning was not as bad as I expected but it definitely wasn't pleasant. One sure fire way to make a hangover disappear is with a nice greasy breakfast. Enter the bacon and eggs with toast. After breakfast, pretty much all crappiness left my system and I just felt a tad wore out.

I am going over to Becca's parents house for a Father's Day BBQ (he is going to be my father in law in a few days) and that should be fun. Just so you guys don't get the idea that I hate my dad, he and my mom are in Jackpot gambling this weekend. There was some country music concert down there and so they went to Nevada for a couple of days.

I think today is like the calm before the storm. The wedding is in six days and I am unsure how the next five will be. Most of the details and planning are done so I am hoping it will be an easy week. We shall see.


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