Sunday, June 13, 2004

Ahh...The Joys of Being Port Scanned

When it comes to computers I am kind of a security nut. One of my side jobs entales some computer security related stuff and so I consider myself pretty well versed in the world of hackerdom. So This morning just for fun, I do my bi-weekly check of my router's log file just to see if anything interesting shows up. This week something showed up.

My log was saying that it had detected unauthorized port scan attempts on one of my networks and it listed the IP address. For those of you not into this stuff, port scanning is basically like a burgler coming up to every window in your house and seeing if any of them are unlocked. Fortunately, all of mine were locked down.

Just for fun I checked to see what the source of these unauthorized attempts was and found it to be a middle school in China. Well, it is good to know that I have deterred those malicious Chinese 8th graders from getting into my system. But they wil be back....the Chinese 8th graders always come back. :)

As a funny little side note, my name Mogwai is the Chinese translation for devil.


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